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Original Family Portraits

Original Family Portraits

The perfect gift for grandparents, teachers, dad, mom or favourite aunt or uncle

The OFP becomes a unique and cherished gift. Choose any backdrop for the canvas- be it meadow, ski hill, lakefront, farm, cottage, ocean and beach- or something you dream up. We prepare the simple background so that the canvas is dry before the group arrives. Two hours of private studio time is booked.

Artists may include siblings/cousins/ parents/grandparents or just one individual.

A beautiful, unique and personal family portrait emerges.

siblings holding their original family portrait painting
"Nancy was incredible to work with. Not only did my children have a fabulous time creating a beautiful painting, but she was so thoughtful and accommodating of my wishes for the piece of art, ensuring I was going to be most happy with the outcome. The painting is fabulous and hangs as the main focal point in our living room. it means so much to me and my kids, given that they created it with Nancy’s guidance and vision. I would highly recommend Nancy and her art programs."
D.K., Parent to ASFC Artists

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