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It is always about more than just art

Media Features

About Nancy Macdonald

Nancy Macdonald is a sought after public speaker, best selling author and thought leader in entrepreneurialism, small business and Fine Art instruction. To book her for your event or podcast please reach out to

Published Book

Bestselling Author: Remarkable

Nancy Macdonald joins several other female entrepreneurs in telling their stories of launching businesses while overcoming adversity. Nancy taps into her hope, strength and belief in life’s magic to tell her Remarkable story. Let this book act as a practical and uplifting tool for your life and work.


Podcast Guest

Good Neighbour Podcast

Hosted by: Sean Preston

In this episode, Nancy and Sean talk about how art intersects with life, and the ways to discover joy in all you do.

Listen to this Good Neighbour episode:

The Juggle is Real Podcast

Hosted by: Andryanna Gonko

In this episode, Andryanna looks at the transformative power of creativity with special guest Nancy Macdonald. They explore how feeding our creative sides can uplift our mood, enhance problem-solving skills, and foster self-love, and how to uncover the concept of creativity as a tipping point in life, where small changes lead to significant shifts.

Tune in to ignite your sense of wonder and wander as Andryanna and Nancy navigate the joys of embracing creativity in every aspect of life.

Listen to this The Juggle is Real episode:

Results Club with Liat Horovitz: Episode #30

Hosted by: Liat Horovitz

In today’s world, it can be difficult to slow down and lean in to the basic instinct of being creative – and yet, it might just be the piece we’re all missing to leading more connected, joy filled lives.

Join us as we discuss the benefits of rediscovering your creativity, finding community through art, and exploring your artistic side (even when you’re convinced you don’t have one).

Listen to this The Results Club episode:

The People Teaching People Podcast: Episode #30

Hosted by: Tiana Fech

In this episode, Nancy Macdonald joins me to talk about art, and the connection and impact between the art we make and our learning experiences. 

“When one teaches, two learn”. This quote by Robert Heinlein so beautifully highlights a key takeaway from my conversation with Nancy. Being open to learning and remaining curious, as a teacher and as a learner, can lead to so many beautiful experiences and opportunities to grow. I love how Nancy describes her art studio as a lab for life and how she shares her story of evolving and pivoting her business – which started over 20 years ago around her kitchen table. 

Listen to this The People Teaching People episode:

boobs, bods & brains: Episode #10

Hosted by: Laurel Crossley & Sam Lesson

Do you remember being a child and wishing that you had had the chance to take a specific class or learn a new skill but time just ran out and that opportunity never seemed to surface?  Today we were talking with Nancy MacDonald, who is the owner of the “Art Studio For Children” and we talk about how the classes she runs are really for people of all ages.  Her focus is to help her students develop skills that they didn’t even know that they had, and take pride in the work that they create.

Listen to this boobs, bods & brains episode:

The Business of Thinking Big Podcast: Episode #267

Hosted by: Lianne Kim
Nancy digs into what kept her from giving her business her all during the honeymoon phase, and what helped her pull through!

In this episode, you’ll discover how Nancy created a culture that welcomed her customers to share their thoughts, so that she could build a business that truly served their needs, what to do when you start falling out of love with your business, and the difference between a head-down v. chin-up approach.

Listen to this The Business of Thinking Big episode:

S.M.E. Stories Podcast: Episode #056 Part 2

Hosted by: Ken Alfred
Nancy loves to share her story and unique business style on podcasts.
Here she joins Ken Alfred of Northway Capitol Group on the S.M.E. Stories Podcast sharing the evolution of her business from 5 clients to over 7000 since 2002.

Listen to this S.M.E. episode:
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Public Speaking

Nancy Macdonald is a sought after public speaker who shares her passion for life and business with wit, wisdom, compassion and humour.

MamaCon 2022

Nancy Macdonald was amongst four panelists chosen to discuss both her love of and challenges in entrepreneurship at the 2022 MamaCon event. More than 250 business professionals turned out at the Globe and Mail Centre in Toronto, Canada for this annual event.

Toronto Women’s Network Fall 2022

Nancy joined three other amazing female speakers at the semi annual Toronto Women’s Network in Fall 2022, to discuss facing adversity, being vulnerable and reinventing yourself.